Teeth Whitening Specialist

Westborough Dental Care

Kristina Zoulas, D.D.S.

Dentist located in South San Francisco, CA

One of the common requests dentists hear from patients is a desire to whiten their teeth. Dr. Kristina Zoulas and the staff of Westborough Dental Care offer professional teeth whitening procedures to their patients in the South San Francisco area of California. Patients are encouraged to visit the facility to have all of their questions answered when it comes to whitening teeth and protecting their smile.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Can a person whiten their teeth too often?

Most dental professionals recommend whitening the teeth no more than 2 times per year. Teeth whitening systems may contain harsh abrasives that can break down the sensitive tooth enamel. Once the enamel is gone, the tooth itself becomes compromised and more vulnerable to decay. While whiter, brighter teeth are desired, it's important to follow the directions of the system being used or allow a dental professional to perform the procedure in their office. The KöR teeth whitening system provides permanent results for individuals who choose to use it. Teeth whitening systems used by dental professionals are more powerful than those found in the store and will provide longer lasting results.

Are professional teeth whitening systems more effective than store bought systems?

Professional teeth whitening systems are much more effective than those purchased in the store. Dental professionals have the tools to be able to whiten teeth without the use of extremely harsh abrasives that can erode the sensitive enamel, causing it to break down and make the tooth more vulnerable to decay. Before using any teeth whitening system, patients should discuss their options with Dr. Zoulas to ensure they make the best possible choice to produce the results they're looking for. She offers Sinsational Smiles, a $99 in-office whitening system that takes less than 30 minutes to an hour, as well as the permanent KöR Whitening System.

What is the KöR teeth whitening system?

The KöR teeth whitening system offers permanent results. The trays are developed using refrigerated gels that retain their maximum potency while they're kept at the coldest temperature. Once they're allowed to warm up, they begin to degrade, losing their ability to successfully whiten the teeth and produce long-term results. Once the dentist creates a series of molds from a patient's mouth, they are sent to the lab where the KöR trays are created. They're maintained at the coolest possible temperature until their arrival at the dentist's office. The trays remain sealed until placed into the patient's mouth.