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Dr. Kristina Zoulas at Westborough Dental Care in South San Francisco, California, approaches patient well-being preventively and proactively to reduce your risk of developing dental problems and complications. Dr. Zoulas uses a combination of products and services including routine dental care, thorough preventive exams, xylitol, and silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to help you take control of your oral health, manage your dental expenses, and improve your overall well-being. For compassionate care from a respected expert in the dental industry, schedule an appointment with Dr. Zoulas at Westborough Dental Care today.

Prevention Q & A

What causes dental decay?

A cavity occurs when acid breaks down your enamel (the hardest outside layer of your tooth) and forms a hole or “cavity.” This acid is the product of chemistry in your mouth: oral bacteria convert carbohydrates -- especially sugar -- into acid.

When that acid sits in the same place long enough, it bores a hole through your enamel and into your tooth. These holes can cause pain, infection, tooth loss, and severe complications when left untreated.

What products and services can help eliminate decay?

The best way to prevent dental decay is to clean your teeth thoroughly at least twice per day. The team at Westborough Dental Care enjoys taking the time to teach each patient how to brush and floss effectively.

Fluoride also helps. Like sunscreen prevents sunburn, fluoride prevents “acid burn” or cavities in your teeth. But just as SPF 15 won’t help you in the Mohave Desert, fluoride alone can’t keep all cavities from happening.

Why are some people more prone to dental decay?

It all comes down to the bacteria present in your mouth. Some people have a lot of cavity-causing bacteria while others have very little.

However, having a lot of cavity-causing bacteria doesn’t mean you have no control over the development of new cavities at all. A chemical called xylitol can help promote the good bacteria in your mouth and kick out the bacteria that cause decay.

Where can I find products containing xylitol?

There are many products available at Westborough Dental Care, your local grocery store, or online that contain xylitol, including:

  • Epic products (gum and mints)
  • Ice Breakers (gum)
  • Spry (gum, mints, candy)
  • XyloSweet (sugar substitute)
  • Dr. John’s (candy)

What is silver diamine fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride is often called the “liquid cavity stopper” because of its ability to stop the progression of decay without injections, drilling, or filling.

This treatment can stop decay that has already begun in patients who aren't good candidates for fillings or other dental work, making it truly revolutionary!

What are the pros and cons of silver diamine fluoride?

The most significant advantage to silver diamine fluoride is that it offers a treatment option to patients who may not have had options before. It’s great for small children, elderly patients, the severely phobic, or patients who are medically compromised.

However, SDF is not considered definitive treatment and permanently stains the decay black. For this reason, SDF isn’t a great option for teeth that are visible in your smile or for patients who can withstand traditional dental treatment.

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