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Hate leaving the dentist numb? At Westborough Dental Care, Dr. Kristina Zoulas offers her patients in the South San Francisco, California area the best possible options when it comes to dental anesthesia, including the use of Oraverse. Oraverse is a dental anesthetic reversal agent. Now you can talk, smile, and eat normally, safely and comfortably in a matter of minutes after leaving the dentist.

Oraverse Q & A

What is OraVerse?

OraVerse is a local anesthesia-reversing agent that is used for its quick reversal of the numbing effects of the medication. Individuals who used the anesthesia were able to recover almost twice as fast as those who only rely on the anesthesia. The drooling and inability to smile or speak properly quickly disappears after the procedure. In some cases, the effects are gone in as little as 50 minutes after the procedure is finished. Other medications can take over 2 full hours to completely dissipate. The key is to return normal sensation to both upper and lower lips in as short a time as possible.

Does OraVerse have side effects?

The benefits of OraVerse include faster recovery from numbness with less drooling. Sensitivity is returned almost twice as fast as with conventional anesthesia. The medication has been proven to have minor side effects that include headache, dizziness, pain at the injection site, jaw pain, diarrhea, facial swelling, and an increase in blood pressure have been reported in patients. Not all patients will experience all of the listed side effects. Side effects may range in severity, but in most cases, will dissipate within a few hours of the procedure. If the side effects linger for longer than a day, they should be immediately reported to the dentist.

When is OraVerse recommended?

OraVerse is recommended for many different procedures including crown preparation and placement, filling cavities, inlays, veneers, root planing and periodontal scaling that does not involve an actual surgical procedure. The use of OraVerse is also recommended for individuals who must return to work or maintain a professional appearance throughout the rest of their day. The quick reversal of the anesthesia allows the patient to return to work or school immediately after the procedure without fear of drooling or being unable to speak or communicate effectively. This also gives the person the advantage of being able to eat without fear of choking or being unable to chew their food properly.


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